Singer Iris Reveals the Dark Side of Malaysian Entertainment Industry!

  • 20 Aug 2018

"Someone once said to me that I look very huge and it doesn't look pleasant at all on the stage, " she said. Despite the nasty comments and judgements thrown, nothing stopped her when she's on stage—she will be on fire as always! 

Iris Perrine Vethamani is a Malaysian singer with a music career that spans over 30 years. Her passion kicked in early and at the tender age of 4, she started singing professionally.

As the 1st Runner-up of Vaanavil Superstar, she shot into the limelight and has been a vibrant performer ever since. Before her Superstar fame, Iris used to be slim. 

"I was half of my size now. But when I entered the industry, I was already plus size," she explained.

Recently, she watched Fanney Khan and thought that the movie reflects the reality. The movie explores the hardship of a father trying to make the musical dream of his plus-size daughter come true. 

In the Malaysian Indian entertainment industry, beauty has more voice than talent. It's a sad reality that many talented entertainers face in their struggle to make the ends meet.

"Most of the times, it's beauty more than talent. This is what I feel. The singing doesn't matter. At the end of the day, they want the TRP to go really high. So, where's the value of talent?" Iris questioned.

Iris pointed out that power resides with the same group of kingmakers in the industry. Over the years, they have been dominating its pace and direction, not making the scene conducive for the emergence of fresh talents.

"Even if I have all the beauty in the world and if I can't sing, I can't make that place on the stage."

Given a choice or a superpower to make things better, she admitted that she will try to trade the existing kingmakers with newer, passionate talents who are more likely to run the industry better.

Watch her full interview with Astro Ulagam here: 

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