Bald Head Too Shiny For Passport Photo!

  • 24 Jun 2019

Taking a passport photo seems to be quite easy, but there are some vital things that should be noted when taking one - like how the hair shouldn't cover the eyes, no glares or reflection on the glasses and so on.

However, a recent video of a bald man went viral when his head was found to be too shiny for the passport photo.

The man, Muhammad Faridudin, became famous overnight when a video of him taking the passport photo was uploaded on his friend's social media.

Since his head was too shiny and had trouble meeting the standards of the Malaysian passport photo, the immigration officers had to cover his head with panels to stop the glare.

Following that post, the video went viral where netizens begin comparing him to Saitama of OnePunch-Man, the protagonist with a bald and shiny head.

Check out the video here:


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Source: WorldOfBuzz
Image credit: MustShareNews

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