Tribal school in Kerala gets 100% passing result

  • 10 May 2019

The Year 10 (senior) students at the Government Tribal High School in Idinjar, Kerala, managed to overcome so many obstacles to secure a 100% passing result for their SSLC examinations (Secondary School Leaving Certificates). This school is one of the 500 government school in the state to achieve that.

This achievement is astounding considering the state had been through a series of natural disasters in the forms of severe flooding, outbreak of the Nipah virus and bad weather in general. That left the schools in Kerala closed most of the time. But what makes the Tribal school even more remarkable is that the students had to also endure poverty, lack of classrooms, teacher shortage and other basic necessities because the school is located on the foothills of a hill station.

Biju BK, the Malayalam teacher at the school, told The News Minute that 90% of the students in the school come from Adivasi families and the remaining 10% are children of estate workers and daily wage labourers from the nearby estates.

"These students came from an environment where it is difficult to study, so we had to ensure that we made up for all their problems in the school itself. This (the examination score) was made possible because of the joint effort of the school headmaster, teachers, even the parents of the students, volunteers from various NGOs and colleges and a lot of other people."

One of the biggest challenges they had to endure was the lack of teachers.

"Apart from a few subjects like Malayalam, Physics, Social Science and Maths, there weren't any teachers for other subjects. So we found an alternative to deal with the situation. The Physics teacher had some knowledge in Chemistry. So the Physics teacher made time to teach Chemistry to the students. Biology was taught to the Class 10 students by the middle school science teacher. And we also managed to get hold of retired professors from other schools to come and teach the students at least once a week," said Biju.

College students who would volunteer to teach the syllabus to the students and NGO groups would give motivational talks to prepare the students mentally.

Another challenge that the school had to face was the lack of food.

"These students come from underprivileged backgrounds and many of them depend on the school for good food. But the school lacked the funds needed to provide them with good food. The teachers and the headmaster solved this problem by pitching in money from their own pockets. Some of the parents of these students also helped in cooking evening snacks and lunch for the school," he said.

"We had missed a lot of working days because the school was turned into a relief camp for many days due to the floods in the state last year but with the dedicated efforts of the students and teachers, we were able to overcome all the hardships and the result is there for everyone to see."

Photo Source: The News Minute

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