Bigg Boss Evicted Saravanan Because Of "Social Responsibility". But Are They Showing Double Standards?

  • 06 Aug 2019

Big Boss viewers recently got shocked by the latest twist in the popular reality TV show, when contestant Saravanan was evicted abruptly for a comment he made almost a week ago.


During the previous weekend's conversation with Kamal Haasan, the actor proudly confessed to harassing women in buses during his college days. However, Kamal did not touch on the sensitive issue and instead continued with other on-going issues in the house.

But now after more than a week, and days after Saravanan apologised, he was suddenly eliminated from the show without any further notice. The reason given was his confession.

Let's be clear. Saravanan was wrong to do what he did. There is absolutely NO excuse for harassing anybody in any way, shape or form. But, is what's happening in Bigg Boss really a matter of principle or is it just for entertainment value?

Why do we say this? Well, why was the issue not addressed immediately by the Kamal when it happened? Why did the producers wait almost a week before doing anything about it? Why have other contestants been allowed to mistreat women on the show and not been punished? Is this all down to producers seeing how 'buzzworthy' this incident has been?

Yes, if we take a look at the first season of Bigg Boss, Arav gave 'maruthuva mutham' to fellow contestant Oviya, which later pushed her to the extent of attempting suicide in the house.

She fell into depression and attempted to drown herself in the pool as that was her only chance to leave the Bigg Boss house. However, no action was taken towards Arav for his actions, and he even left the show as the season 1 winner.

Even in the current season of Bigg Boss, Kavin walked into the show and informed the other girls that he will be flirting with them to create content. Is allowing such despicable behavious considered socially responsible?

Even Kamal questioned Sakshi for being emotionally involved with Kavin when he had already revealed his intentions earlier. Why was Kavin, who gave false hope to his fellow contestant and pushed her into depression, not eliminated from the show?

If the show wants to uphold social responsibility and decent behaviour, shouldn't Arav's title be revoked and Kavin sent home for his actions? 

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