Tharshan's Ex-GF Lands In Hospital After His Bigg Boss Exit! Why?

  • 01 Oct 2019

It's a rather sad week for Bigg Boss S3 fans as the shows strongest contestant, Tharshan, who hails from Sri Lanka, was eliminated with the lowest votes.

Following his eviction, fans started showing their disappointment on social media, where some even accused the show of unfairly eliminating the strongest so that the remaining contestants will have a better shot at winning.

Tharshan's ex-girlfriend Sanam Shetty, who announced break-up with him via social media during his stay in the show, posted a picture with him once he was back. In the caption, she mentioned how she was disappointed with what happened and that he deserved to win.

Now, her latest social media post shows that she was admitted in the hospital for emergency surgery. She revealed that she as diagnosed with tumour several months back, but ended up neglecting her condition which has led to complications.

Let's pray for her speedy recovery!