#SuchiLeaks Trending Again! But Why?

  • 15 Nov 2019

Singer cum RJ Suchitra Karthik became the talk of the town when she made several shocking revelations regarding her fellow movie industry mates in the year 2017.

It all began when the singer tweeted saying 'Dhanush is god'. Following the odd tweet, there was also allegation regarding Dhanush and Anirudh harassing her personally.

In the end, pictures of celebrities partying, and nudes were posted from her account and the hashtag #SuchiLeaks started trending.

During this time, Suchitra's husband Karthik pleaded that his wife was mentally unstable and that her tweets should not be taken personally. Meanwhile, Suchitra claimed that her Twitter account was hacked. 

Suchitra and her husband Karthik parted ways after that incident.

Now after almost three years, news about 'Suchi Leaks' and the singer has popped up once again.

Sujitha, Suchitra's sister, lodged a complain several days ago claiming that the singer had gone missing after a small misunderstanding between them.

Suchitra started staying with her sister after she divorced her husband. Following the complaint, police  tracked her down at a nearby hotel and the singer is currently undergoing treatment at a psychiatric hospital.

Let's wish the singer a speedy recovery!

Source: Cineulagam

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