[VIDEO] Is Bigg Boss Meera Mitun the New Lady Superstar? 

  • 12 Dec 2019

Bigg Boss Meera Mitun is a woman of many talents - she's an actress, dancer, model and a beauty pageant organiser. Recently, she was also appointed as the Tamil Nadu State Director in the Anti Corruption Commission and making her way to meet high-ranking government officials for her work. 

However, the star is constantly hitting the headlines for her controversial videos and statements in interviews. Her heated argument about the Hyderabad encounter with director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan became viral and netizens were roasting the supermodel for walking out from the live recording.

Despite all the controversies, one of her superfans publicly posted a video in conjunction with her birthday stating that she's like a Lady Superstar.

He expresses his admiration for her roles in movies and her work as a champion of the marginalised communities. Here's the video:

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Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Bollywood Zone & Pinterest