Bigg Boss Meera Mithun Sacked As The State Director Of Anti Corruption Commission?

  • 14 Dec 2019

Meera Mithun is a well-known name among the fans of Bigg Boss reality show. The actress cum model shot to fame after taking part in the show as the 17th contestant.

Following the show, Meera shooked the nation when she announced her appointment as the Tamil Nadu State Director in the Anti Corruption Commission by the Government of India.

The actress assured that proper actions will be taken against corrupts, before saying Ulaganayagan's famous saying "odavum mudiyathu oliyavum mudiyathu".

Now after a month of her appointment, the Anti Corruption Commission has released a statement, officially announcing the removal of Meera from her position with the reason failing to provide the Police clearance certificate for the FIR filed under her name.

Check out the official letter here:


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