"He Was Rude to Me!" - KGF Yash's Wife Reveals Their Love Story

  • 12 Aug 2020

K.G.F star Yash and his wife actress Radhika Pandit are literal couple goals! They are a sizzling couple that looks good both on-screen and off-screen. They met in the sets of TV serial in 2007 and became good friends. 

After the serial, Yash and Radhika also acted together in films like Moggina Manasu, Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari, Santhu Straight Forward, and Drama in Kannada. They got married four years ago and are blessed with two beautiful children; daughter Ayra and son Ayush.

Despite being together for 10 years, Radhika's first impression of Yash was not all good. She thought he was either 'rude to her or had a lot of attitude'. 

In a past interview with Times of India, Radhika recalled her first meet with Yash where he greeted her 'Hi' and left in his car after the shoot. 

"I was working on a TV serial in 2007, in which the (male) character was replaced. We knew that there was a new guy, and we were curious (about him). I used to get picked up first for the serial, and he was the second to enter. I clearly recall seeing him for the first time, he got into the vehicle and I said 'hi' and he said 'hello', and that was it. I thought he was either just rude or that he probably had a lot of attitude, but felt that he was just not the type who could be friends with me," Radhika revealed.

Yash responded by saying that it takes time for him to warm up to new people. Also, he remembered Radhika's mother was present with her. 

Soon they started talking and ended up becoming friends as they worked in more films together. Well, they say first impresion is the best impression. Not in their life!

Source: Times of India & Pinkvilla
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