Astro Vaanavil Short Film Contest 2019

  • 12 Jul 2019

The highly anticipated 'Astro Vaanavil Short Film Contest' has ended and these are the aspiring filmmakers who've won:

1st Prize: RM10,001
Surendran A/L Balasubramaniam‚Äč (880731xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled 'Nodigal'

2nd Prize: RM7,501
Sujithra Devi A/P Arunagiri Theva (871008xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled 'Pidikuchi'

3rd Prize: RM5,001
Vinil Kiran A/L Kalaichelvan (951206xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled 'Pallavi'

Consolation Prize: RM2,501

Ilanchelvan A/L Sivanadhan (880820xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled 'OKU'
Heknaraja A/L G.Thangavelu (950920xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled 'Papathi'
Naavin A/L Gunasegoran (870901xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled '60 Nimidangal'
Vijaygananth A/L Vadiveloo (930413xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled 'Innoru Murai'
Prem Prethaban A/L Maniam (750707xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled 'Yaar Thavaru'
Mugunthan A/L Munusamy (751225xxxxxx) for the shortfilm titled '43 A'

Congratulations to all the winners of Astro Vaanavil Shortfilm 2019 Contest!

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