The Health Benefits of Chapati you Probably Never Knew

  • 06 Aug 2019

Forget rice. Have chapati.

While it's not that expensive nor difficult to make, chapati is also a healthy inclusion to any person's diet.

Whether you're someone who is looking to lose weight or gain some muscles, having a chapati a day is certainly the western world's equivalent to the apple.

Here's what your doctor probably never told you about chapati.

Gives You Amazing Skin

Because chapatis contain zinc and other minerals, having it as part of your diet on a daily basis helps with your skin. According to research, chapatis are known to add glow to a person's skin.

It's Nutritious

In one chapati alone, there's Vitamin B and E including minerals such as copper, iodine, manganese, silicone, potassium, calcium and -- did we mention zinc? Why else are India's strongest from Punjab?


While nutritious, chapati also contain whole wheat and carbohydrates which provides you the needed boost to get through the gym or that dreaded long jog. However, what's more amazing is that while it's healthy for the body, chapati is also known to be good for the mind.

Balances Out Hemoglobin Levels

If you're in need of iron or you're anemic, chapati is your answer. It's packed with iron assisting to balance out hemoglobin levels in your body. Thanks to chapati, your body will begin producing a healthy supply of red blood cells and white blood cells once you begin including chapati into your diet.

Best for Losing Weight

So long as you don't slap on ghee, eating chapati helps with losing weight. This is because the chapati has tiny amounts of calories. What's more, because it's made out of wheat, having chapati helps keep you full for a long period of time. So, if you're a snacker, chapati might just be your answer.

Boosts Immune System

If you happen to easily fall sick, chapati might be your answer as well. In fact, due to its high nutritional properties, many doctors in India suggest patients to include chapati in their diets. Chapati assists in giving your immune system the needed boost.

So the next time you want to make fun of a Punjabi for eating chapati on a daily basis, remember, they're stronger than you. And for good reasons too.

Photo source: Zesty South Indian Kitchen
Article Source: Apollo Pharmacy

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