The Best Honeymoon Spots In India

  • 19 Aug 2019

Are you considering to go to the land of the Kamasutra for a getaway of marital bliss?

Look no further than this list to decide where to go for your honeymoon!

From misty mountain hilltops to sexy summer beaches, there's bound to be one that suits your fancy.

1. Andaman and Nicobar Island

If your idea of the perfect romantic ambience is in the waning glow of sunset over crystal blue waters then you'll want to see the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You could go for a lazy stroll on the white, sandy beaches while enjoying the beauty of tropical flora and fauna all around. Swimming, scuba diving, glass boat rides and wind surfing are among the activities to do together as a couple.

2. Jammu and Kashmir

Step right into the palatial gardens of a Mughal empire, surrounded by snow-capped hills and Persian-architecture inspired pools and fountains. There's also the Houseboat stays and gondola cable car rides to check out in between sampling famous Kashimiri cuisine such as the Kahwa tea and Lamb Mutton Rogan Josh.

3. Ooty and Kodaikanal

This is a place to visit if you like quaint cottages over a hill station, cool, misty weather and scenic walks down tea plantations. You can time your visit for the summer weather between March and June or winter chills from October to February. July to September constitute rainy season.

4. Uttarakhand

For the more adventure-loving thrill seekers, Auli's snow-covered steeps might be an adrenaline-pumping ski vacation, while orchards in Mukteshwar, are designed for a romantic walk through apricot trees.

5. Rajasthan

Peak visiting season for honeymooners is between October and February, to coincide with Jaisalmer, the dessert festival. Activities include camel and elephant rides, luxury dinner beneath a desert moonlight or a lake cruise. Udaipur sightseeing and Mount Abu are also among the suggested things to do in Rajasthan.

6. Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is the perfect location to resemble a Swiss-style vacation spot. Manali is another popular destination, especially for bag packers and outdoor activity enthusiasts, who are looking to gateway ski in the Solang Valley or trek in Parvati Valley. There's also a jumping-off point for paragliding, rafting and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal mountains.

7. Darjeeling

This small hill station located in West Bengal is a peaceful getaway, especially during the winter. Singamari Ropeway, Batasia Loop, Tiger Hills and The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also known as the Toy Train, are among the top destinations for honeymooners.

Article Source: Travelogy India, Travel Triangle

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