The Real Gap Between The Rich And Poor

  • 10 Oct 2019

Society is basically made up of the rich , the middle class and the poor. And between these groups, the most obvious difference is the amount of money they have.

But in reality, the amount of money one has is actually just a consequence of one’s mindset and actions. And this is where the real gap lies:

Goals and lifestyle

Poor: Survival - thinks from day to day
Middle class - Comfort, thinks from paycheck to paycheck
Rich: Freedom, thinks from year to year and far beyond

Spending and debt

Poor: Pays in cash or debts
Middle class: Pays through credit cards and revolves debt
Rich: Pays throuh credit card but settles the balance in full every month

Thoughts and conversation

Poor: Talks about people
Middle class: Talks about material things
Rich: Talks about ideas

Luxuries and obstacles

Poor & middle class: I cannot afford it, I cannot do it
Rich: How can I afford it? How can I learn to do it?

Success and wealth

Poor: Marry someone rich
Middle class: Inheritance, advancement of career
Rich: Frugality, business, investment

As yourself now, are you poor, middle class or rich? It's never too late to change.

Source: Ready to be Rich-fitvillafuerte
Photo source: Improvement Pill Youtube

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