Enjoy the New Astro Experience with 4K UHD, Cloud Recording and Fresh Interface

  • 13 Nov 2019

Malaysians can now enjoy the best of entertainment with the new Astro Ultra Box. The Ultra experience includes 4K UHD, Cloud Recording and a fresh new user interface that is seamless across device screens, improved content recommendations based on viewing history, play from start functions and the ability to record multiple shows at the same time.

All of this is available via the new Ultra box and Astro GO.  The Ultra Box enables sports fans to enjoy UEFA EURO 2020, the Premier League, Formula 1 and La Liga, in the first 4K UHD experience in Malaysia.

Henry Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Astro Group said, “We are on a journey of continuous improvement to provide our customers with a better experience from customer service, to content, to OTT for mobility and to the experience at home. Today is a new milestone - the Ultra Box takes entertainment to a new level, enabling 4K UHD, Cloud Recording, Play from Start and a new interface that will enhance home entertainment on the big screen. Customers can upgrade to the Ultra Box to enjoy the new experience. The Ultra experience extends also to Astro GO which is free for all customers! Customers only need to download the app and stream their favourite shows!”

Tan continued, “Over half a million homes have 4K TV, of which 70% are Astro customers. The launch of the Ultra Box is timely to meet the growing demand for 4K UHD viewing. Additionally, commercial establishments in the hospitality, retail and F&B sectors will welcome the opportunity to offer patrons live sports and other content in 4K UHD.”

The Ultra Box uses a hybrid system of satellite and internet technologies. Satellite delivers the best 4K UHD quality. Connect the Ultra Box to the internet to enable interactivity and the ability to stream content anytime on demand. Astro also offers attractive entertainment and broadband bundles.
With the seamless and unified interface across both Ultra Box and Astro GO, customers can enjoy the following enhanced viewing experience:

Astro Cloud Recording is available on the new Ultra Box and on Astro GO. This means that customers can record multiple shows at the same time on the Ultra Box or on Astro GO and store these in the Astro Cloud which can be accessed on any screens anytime anywhere. Customers will be entitled to 200 free hours of HD storage and can increase this to 1500 hours at RM15 per month.   

Play from Start: An audience winner - if you tune in midway through a show you can click the restart icon to watch the show from the beginning.

New Home Screen: Allows easier content discovery. All shows shown are available for viewing at no charge with the exception of displayed in the ‘Store’.     
Discover and Stream VOD: Connect the Ultra Box to the internet and enjoy over 50,000 videos on demand at home or on Astro GO.

Search: Makes discovery of content from our vast catalogue of TV series, movies, kids shows, live content and your own recordings much easier. Search by title, cast, director and even channels.

Multi-screen and Stop Here, Continue There: Imagine pausing on one screen and picking up on another screen at exactly the point at which you paused.

Free Upgrade for Customers with subscription above RM100
Customers with monthly subscription of RM100 and above can upgrade for free. Customers need to connect the Ultra Box to the internet to enjoy over 50,000 videos on demand, cloud recording, and the other benefits. To enjoy 4K UHD viewing, customers need a compatible 4K TV. Customers can also get connected with Astro & Broadband via our bundled offers.

Please refer to the table below for pricing information.

Ultra Box Installation fee Current Customer New Customer
Monthly Pack Subscription Fee ≥ RM100 FREE RM99
Monthly Pack Subscription Fee < RM100 RM199
For more details please call 03 7490 8000 or visit Join the conversations about Ultra Box on social media with the hashtag #AstroUltra

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