This Woman Lives With 250 Cats! What is Her Story?

  • 01 Jan 2020

A home-maker based in Jakarta, Indonesia is an animal-lover who tends and cares for over 250 cats she saved from the streets of her neighborhood. 

Dita Agusta lives in Parung with her husband Mohamad Lutfi. Together, they look after the cats in the hopes that one day people would come forward to adopt them.

Previously, the couple lived in Bekasi and moved to a bigger house in Parung, much to the delight of Dita. Now, she can have a bigger space for all her beloved cats.

Every month, Dita's husband Lufti spends about  1 million rupiahs (RM300) for the cats' food, medical needs, and litter boxes. The couple has also hired five cleaners to clean the house twice a day. 

As the caretaker fo her cats, Dita takes her role seriously and ensures cleanliness at all times. She also revealed that the cats adopted from the streets are not only the healthy ones, but she also looks out for the sick or disabled. 

Giving shelter to 250 cats is no joke but Dita does it all with an open heart. All the cats are neutered in order to control their population and Dita makes sure to clean them often to ensure their health and well-being.

“It’s so difficult to see these cats just abandoned at the side of the road,” she says.

How often do you see kind souls like Dita who goes out of their way to care for the less fortunate stray animals on the streets? 

Let us know in the comments!

Source: World of Buzz

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