Suriya Granam 2020 Effects On Raasis

  • 21 Jun 2020

This year's first Suriya Granam was observed on 21st June, and in Malaysia, the solar eclipse will be happening between 2.50pm and 4.55pm.

Here's how this eclipse will affect the raasis:

Mesham: This solar eclipse will bring positivity to Mesham natives. They will see improvements in their job or business.

Rishabam: Rishabam natives would have to learn to control their temper. They will receive help from their acquaintance when needed.

Mithunam: Mithunam natives might face problems in their relationship. They also have to focus on their health.

Kadagam: For Kadagam natives, long pending works shall get completed. Friends will extend help during important times.

Simmam: For Simmam natives, your business will prosper and will be profitable. Students will also excel in their studies.

Kanni: Kanni natives will have monetary gain in their business. Those who are employed shall also benefit.

Thanasu: Thanasu natives will gain profit in their affairs, but their spouse might experience some trouble.

Thulam: Thulam natives need to stay cautious when lending money to others if possible avoid this at all costs. Also, focus on your health.

Viruchigam: Viruchigam natives might face a rough time at work.

Makaram: Unfinished tasks will get completed for Makaram natives.

Kumbham: Kumbham natives will experience spiritual bliss. Avoid signs of depression, and those in business will do relatively well.

Meenam: Meenam natives will excel in their job, but they should focus more on their health.

Source: Times Now News

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