Why South Indians Love Eating Yogurt Every Day?

  • 18 Dec 2019

South Indians are a bunch who cannot live without yogurt! Almost every meal ends with a bowl of yogurt or curd rice. Astro Ulagam did some research and discovered that there are so many benefits of eating yogurt. Do you want to know the benefits? Read more to find out!

Helps in Improving Digestion

Research continues to show that probiotic yogurt contains active microorganisms, which helps to balance out harmful bacteria in the stomach. This results in improved digestion, protection against colon cancer and also help cures stomach infections like indigestion and bloating.

Yogurt Increases Immunity

Yogurt contains ‘good bacteria which strengthens your immune system by fighting against several microorganisms that are present in the body’. A study from the University of Vienna, Austria found that consuming yogurt daily was just as effective in boosting immunity as to taking health supplements. 

Encourages Weight Loss

High in calcium, yogurt is effective in preventing the formation of cortisol in your body. When your body lacks calcium, you will experience an imbalance of cortisol, which usually leads to issues like weight gain and hypertension. This is why you should eat more yogurt to maintain or lose weight.  

A Great Substitute for Milk

There are many of us who are lactose intolerant, who cannot consume milk. Therefore, consuming yogurt will allow you to enjoy similar benefits as consuming milk. 

Healthy for Your Heart

Eating yogurt daily will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease because it discourages the formation of cholesterol in your arteries. This also means that yogurt can prevent hypertension and the risk of high blood pressure. 

Picture Credit: Authority Nutrition, Natural Health, Agora Media, Agri Corner, Metabolic Healing, Budget Bytes & Bon Appetit

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