5 Things You Must Know About Your Blood Type

  • 03 Oct 2019

Did you know that your blood type has an important role for your health and body?

Also, each blood type has unique characteristics which can affect weight loss, diseases and even personality!

Astro Ulagam found 5 things that you must know about your blood type to improve your health through adequate nutrition.

1) Blood Type and Personality

Blood type O: Extroverts, creative, outgoing and confident.

Blood type A: Peaceful, artistic and trustworthy.

Blood type B: Dedicated to their goals, strong and independent.

Blood type AB: reliable, shy, responsible and caring.

2) Blood Type and Stress

Blood type A: Produces more cortisol which is a stress hormone.

Blood type O: Easily gets furious but have a higher level of adrenalin and need more time to recuperate from stressful situations.

Other blood types are not affected as much as these blood types.

3) Blood Type and Marriage

Some blood types should not be mixed. According to experts, people with A and B blood group should not mix to have children. Same goes to people with blood type of RH+ and RH- that should not be mixed.

4) Blood Type and Exercise

Blood type A: More prone to stress. So, they should do some relaxing and calming exercises such as Yoga.

Blood type B: Like challenges for their body and spirit. So, they should perform exercises such as mountain climbing and martial arts.

Other blood types are not specified with particular exercises.

5) Blood Type and Nutrition

Blood type O: Should eat proteins such as meat and fish.

Blood type A: Vegetables are more suitable.

Other blood types are not specified with particular food.

Picture credit: & Life Noggin