Peter Khang, Putting A ‘Stamp’ On Malaysia

  • 31 Aug 2019

Just before 31st August 1957, Pos Malaysia had released a series of state stamps designed to promote unity and awareness amongst the rakyat. 

The designs were specially selected to represent the uniqueness of each of the eleven states. Local artists were selected and every year since then, Pos Malaysia had commissioned local artists to create stamps that would reflect the culture, landscape and beauty of Malaysia. 

Peter Khang was one of the designers commissioned to create the stamps year after year. He was not only an avid stamp collector, he was dedicated to making sure each stamp had tremendous attention to detail of local plants and animals.

Most of Peter’s works stand the test of time till today; like the hornbill, local fruits and the keris series. 

This is an important piece of how our visual artists played a part in creating a visual identity for the country. Stamps was crucial to how the country portrayed itself visually to the nation and the international world.

Let's see the untold story of a stamp artist:

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