APOT, The Tale Of 'Big Nose' And The Silent Killers

  • 05 Sep 2019

In 1968, a 19-year old Orang Asli was recruited into Senoi Praaq, which was a special unit of the Royal Malaysia Police made up entirely of Orang Asli. 

Senoi Praaq means ‘the people who fight’ in the Semai language. The Orang Asli’s special skills as trackers in the jungle made them invaluable to the Royal Malaysia Police. 

Sergeant Major Apot anak Saad earned the nickname ‘Big Nose’ as he could expertly pick up on a man’s tracks even weeks after it had gone cold. 

The Central Intelligence of America (CIA) called them the ‘silent killers’ as the troop would enter the forests barefoot. Apot was involved in at least 15 incursions during the second Communist insurgency in Malaysia.

Because of Apot’s expertise as a tracker, he was even loaned into the New Zealand Special Air Service and Australian Special Air Service Regiment during the Second Malayan Emergency.  

His commitment and skills made Malaysia world famous in Search and Rescue Operations around the world. He was decorated by the Malaysian Government and continues to train world class trackers.

This piece is important to show the contribution of the Orang Asli to the security of the nation. Let's watch his story here:

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