Why Are Women Forbidden From Entering Temple During Menses?

  • 15 Jan 2020

We now live in an era where the women have grown strong and made it to the outer space. However, the practice of forbidding women from visiting temples during their period has yet to change. 

In those days, women were asked to sit in a corner during their menstruation and were not allowed to perform any house chores nor visit the temples to perform prayers.

But have you ever wondered why our elders who put so much of thoughts into all their actions, came up with this practice which belittles women?

In the ancient time, women tend to do physical tasks such as carrying heavy pots, cleaning, cooking, farming on so on.

However, during their menstruation, they experience discomfort, cramps, excessive blood flow, depression, mood swings and also anger which took a toll on their health.

Thus, such practice was put in place to ensure the ladies have enough rest during their periods, both mentally and physically. 

Moreover, the women then had no option than using cloths or pots for their periods as sanitary napkins were non-existent then. Hence, why they were told to sit in a corner and restricted from moving around during their periods.

But the life of the women today is completely different from the earlier generations. The availability of quality sanitary napkins today had allowed them to attend school or work freely. 

And visiting temples during this time is nothing but a personal choice they had to make as the taboo related to it is fading away slowly.

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