"Come Back Once You Got Raped!" Policeman Refuses To Accept Attempted Rape Complaint!

  • 10 Dec 2019

Many shocking rape incidents have been happening in India recently, with the brutal rape and murder in Hyderabad and Unnao having made headlines around the globe.

In the midst of all this chaos, there's been another shocking incident in Unnao where a woman almost got raped by three men while she was heading to the pharmacy to buy medicine. Luckily, the victim managed to flee.

The victim called a women's helpline to report the incident, but was asked to lodge a complaint at the Unnao Police Sation.

According to the victim, the policeman in charge refused to accept her complaint on attempted rape and asked her to make a complaint once she has been raped. No FIR was filed even though the victim visited the Police station several times.

The accused - Ram Milan, Guddu and Ram Babu - have been terrorising the victim, trying to intimidate her into not to filing a complaint, and have even threatened to murder her.

Now after the victim approached a news agency for help, the Unnao Superintendent of Police has ordered a departmental inquiry into the irresponsible police officer.

Source: News18
Image credit: HindustanTimes

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